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SFU’s dutchDesign is a bi-annual field study. Check out: www.sfudutchdesign.ca



Brand Strategist





Groep Drie



Featured on idN and ArchDaily

SFU’s dutchDesign is a bi-annual field study where 12 students are selected to document design, innovation, and culture in the Netherlands. The goal of this field school is to learn in a new context and get exposed to a rich design culture. Why Dutch? The Dutch have a very practical, collaborative, and forward thinking mentality and it's reflected in their work and creative process.

During these interviews, my main role was to capture contextual and b-roll footage to enrich our short films. We created a series of short cultural films that ranged from biking to design education. I also had the opportunity to lead the interview for Simon Wassef, the Head of Brand Strategy at SID LEE.

During post field school, I was part of the brand team and we integrated aspects of Dutch design culture into the brand. Some of the values included honesty, modesty, and thoughtfulness. We were also inspired by the idea of having conversations at a bar. Conversations are more relaxed, raw, and casual. It’s more about what the person has to say rather than who that person is and this is what we wanted our interview films to reflect.

Aside from this branding, I edited a few videos, worked on the intro title, and led the social media team.